STROVAN STRAW PELLETS GARDEN as topsoil protection

To cover any type of soil. Spread plants, bushes, sapling and trees. Toss under bushes and along hedges, sprout containers and other nursery applications.

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  • One 40 litre sack covers four square meters
  • Holds water up to 400% of its weight
  • Only wheat straw has 400% absorption capacity
  • Keeps soil moist for better growth capacity
  • pH-value of 6,2 - 6,4
  • Heated up to 80° to 90°C in the production process and thus sterilized
  • Weed seeds transported by wind or birds do not germinate
  • Keeps away snails and slugs
  • Protects against moments of excessive heat or freezing
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Instructions FOR use

Spread out a bag on a clean surface. One bag covers 4m²
Due to rain the pellets expand and build a consistent bedding
Sunshine dries the bedding from outside inwards which causes a crust being formed.  This crust keeps the bedding in place and prevents it from flying away
The bedding prevents the humidity in the soil from evaporating and helps saving water
Weeds seeds beneath the bedding are deprived of sunlight and don't succeed in germinating
Weeds seeds falling on the bedding, don't succeed in germinating through the crust and perish
When raining, water filters through the bedding
The bedding persists for as long as 12 to 18 months. The bedding decomposes and disappears in the ground.
When new bad weeds appear, clean the surface and put a new layer
pH neutral
The bedding adopts the colour of the soil

The absortion of humid by the pellets

Play video for demonstration: