The comparison

Strovan distinguishes itself from competing pellets.

Strovan Stropellets

larger quantity

The Strovan wheat straw pellets have a weight of only 450 to 500 kg /m3.
Other pellets which are produced for combustion, having a weight of 650 to 720 kg / m3.
The picture clearly shows the difference. Each bag weighs 20 kg, but the Strovan bags are significantly larger in volume.

(Strovan bags on the outside)

Strovan Stropellets

more volume

We took 30 grams of both products: Again, one finds a clear difference in volume for the same weight.

Strovan Stropellets

Less needed

90 ml of water was added to both samples.
The Strovan straw pellets are covering the
dish up to the edge and there is still absorption capacity left. The other product barely covers the bottom and moisture is left on the bottom.
Less straw pellets needed for the same application!