STROVAN STRAW PELLETS used as bedding for horses.

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  • Based on 100% wheat straw only
  • Easy and economical in usage 1,5 bags/week
  • Needs less storage space
  • Unlimited conservation in dry storage locations
  • Soft and dustproof soilprotection
  • Very high level of humidity absorption; up till 400% (demo), only wheat straw has the capacity to absorb 400% of liquid
  • Kind sweet smell
  • Little smell of ammonia
  • Manure waste reduced by 50%
  • Easily to remove as organic waste

Instructions FOR use

Spread out approximately 5-6 bags in a box of 9 m²


If you fear the horse will eat the pellets:

  • Spray 10-20L of water onto the litter making the upper pellets absorb it and expand
  • Spray a glass of vinegar or bleachwater; the smell will scare the horse
  • Include straw or hay
Pellets can be mixed with a bedding already in place


Remove the faecal waste with an appropriate fork, on a daily basis




Add 1 bag every week 



On a weekly basis go through the bedding to aerate. 
As long as you see undecomposed pellets there is still absorption capacity present



Replace the bedding after 3 months or when all pellets are saturated