STROVAN has been established as reaction on the quickly changing tendencies in agriculture and gardening.

In gardening, ecological solutions are more and more appreciated. Wheat straw based pellets are products that allow treatments against weeds without application of chemical products. As well for the professional, the governmental services as for the private gardener, STROVAN STRAW PELLETS GARDEN allows keeping areas free from bad weeds on an ecological way with low labour costs.

The market for animal bedding, where offer and demand is constantly changing, new products are always judged upon their technical aspects and upon the availability during the whole year. STROVAN STRAW PELLETS ANIMAL responds to these requirements, as available all over the year, based on local products, easy to handle and cheap to transport.

Our mission is to produce and to market this ecological product in an economic way, allowing modern farmers and gardeners to respond to ecological defeats.


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